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We only take jobs within our field of expertise. If the scope of your job is better suited with a different provider, we will refer you to our network of professionals who can meet your survey needs.

We will not take any job that would jeopardize your work scheduling and deadlines. We're here to make sure that you meet your goals on time and within budget..

  • Topographic Surveys - Whether you are a land developer, contractor or an architectural firm, you can count on us to provide you with quality topographic products essential for your land use planning and design.

  • Residential and Commercial Grading Certificates ​- A surveyors' grading certificate, as required by municipal by-law, provides the necessary information that enable homeowners and contractors that surface water runs away from buildings and adjacent properties as approved by the municipality. (more info)


  • Pipeline Layout and Construction - Pipelines are like the veins that pumps life into the province. We provide survey services in support of pipeline construction. From right of way preparation to crossings, from staking limits up to pipeline layout and as-built, you can count on us to give you quality and on time service.

  • Surveys on Canada Lands - As licensed Canada Lands Surveyors, we can also provide survey services within Canda Lands as provided for under the Canada Lands Surveys Act. Canada Lands are those lands belonging to Her Majesty in right of Canada or of which the Government of Canada has power to dispose that are situated in Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut or in any National Park of Canada among others (Part II, CLS Act). (more info)

Services we provide

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"I would like to send a great big thank you to you and your awesome team! working with you has been utterly painless, your customer service, honesty and hard work is above par. I would definitely recommend Quantum Geomatics to anyone in need of such services.

Have a great summer, and thanks again!"

- Christine McKenzie and family

  • Real Property Report - Commonly referred to as RPR is a plan that illustrates the survey performed by the professional surveyor showing what is and what is not on a parcel of land at the time of survey
  • Legal Surveys (Subdivision, Consolidatiion) - surveys that would establish boundaries and require some form of registration with a responsible government agency. (more info)

  • Roads, Easements and Rights of Way - Preparation of rights of way plan for registration with the concerned registry. Rights of way and easements are agreements that allows an entity to use a landowners' property in some ways. It somehow restrilcts the owner of the property to fully utilize the affected portions of the land. (more info) 

  • Residential and Commercial Construction Layout - includes horizontal and vertical construction, pile staking, gridline alignment, underground utilities layout, etc.Real Property Reports -vital in every real estate transaction. It basically provide a plan showing what is and what in not within a particular property at the time of survey. 

  • Property, Fence Line stakeout and Retracements​ -  While there are many reasons why one would put up a fence, the result, if done wrong may have damaging and, oftentimes, costly consequences. If you're planning to up a fence or simply want to know where your property line is, hire a land surveyor so you can be sure that you are equipped with the proper information to do it right the first time. (more info)